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National MOTTEP®’s efforts within minority communities nationwide have proven successful. Minority donation rates have increased since National MOTTEP®’s inception. As of April, 2001, National MOTTEP® has reached more than 6 million persons through community outreach activities. More than 500 volunteers are actively involved with the program.

National MOTTEP® currently has various opportunities awaiting sponsorship, including a waiting list of 18 cities nationwide. In order to expand, National MOTTEP® has a funding goal of $30 million for five additional years of program activities.

National MOTTEP® seeks Corporate sponsorship which will enable the program to continue in its efforts to increase the number of minority organ/tissue donors as well as its health promotion and disease prevention activities. Corporate sponsors will enjoy many benefits associated with National MOTTEP®.

Individual contributions are accepted. Donations are accepted in memory of a loved one or in "Celebration of Life". Individuals contributing to the MOTTEP® Millennium Vision will receive recognition.

Does your organization contribute to non-profit organizations? National MOTTEP® is a wonderful community-based program to contribute. Your contributions will be put right into community program efforts.

If your company or organization would prefer to offer in-kind services such as public relations, printing, promotional items, etc., your contributions would be greatly appreciated.

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