New Beginnings Sharing the Caring

New Beginnings is a non-profit organization commited to providing and distributing educational information, developing a 24-hour HotLine, and maintaining contact with transplant recipients. Through the New Beginnings Headquarters and a network of Chapters, New Beginnings serves its members in the following areas:

Awareness: Promoting organ donation and transplantation as an important social responsibility. Developing and supporting better understanding of the transplant recipients needs from the community, family and concerned others.

Support: Providing support to the transplant recipients, their family members; and donor families by helping them to understand the transplant process.

Education: Providing transplant candidates, recipients, and their families with current information on developments in organ and tissue donation.

New Beginnings Organ Support Group, Inc. receives a box of new books from Borders Books during its book drive.
(l to r) Glenn Ferrell, Yvonne Borders, New Beginnings members. Melanie M. Lee, Corporate Sales Coordinator, Borders Books and Ebony Smith, New Beginnings member.

Contact Information:

  • Glenn Ferrell, President
  • Gloria Franklin-Austin, Business Manager
  • Yvonne Borders, Program Director
  • Cassandra Newsome, Program Director
  • Virginia Mack, Treasurer
  • Susan Mixon, Secretary

Contact Telephone:

  • Telephone (202) 832-3826

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